About LionTuition

About LionTuition

Lion Tuition is a reliable home tuition agency in Singapore formed by a group of dedicated teachers, which offers private home tuition as well as tutor matching services for students.

We are experienced in helping students to match professional tutors who are selected carefully based on their specialisation, teaching styles and experience. Our one-to-one tutoring is done by qualified and proficient tutors and is modified to the particular requirements of the individual student.

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1-to-1 Private Tuition

We acknowledged that one-to-one tutoring helps motivates and build the confidence of the student to ask questions they would not typically ask in front of their peers. At Lion Tuition, it is not only about looking for the best home tutor in Singapore but also the ideal tutor who will suit your needs and the learning style of your child.

Because of the ‘one-to-one’ basis of private home tuition, our tutors can determine quickly the areas a student might require to enhance which is something that a lot of students might not be able to determine on their own.

Professional Private Tutors Just for You

Lion Tuition offers personalized, efficient tutoring for students who require academic support and wish to excel. Being one of the most reliable tutoring services in Singapore, we are committed to building up and enhancing outcomes for every student. Our team works meticulously with parents and students to know their learning needs in each aspect. We aim to provide professional tutors who are personalised to match every student’s learning style.

Every Lion Tuition’s tutor is experienced and qualified. Our tutors have been vetted carefully. Having a devoted team of quality tutors, we make best effort to provide a measurable improvement to the academic results of the students, to overcome their learning barriers and to establish a positive impact on their learning opportunities.

What Is Lion Tuition’s Vision?

Gone are the days when tuition was known only for weak or average students. In today’s modern world and the ever-competitive academic environment in Singapore, tuition has become a necessity for those “A” graders to stay ahead of the competition. Hence our vision is to make this process of finding a suitable home tutor as easy as possible for parents and students.