Are you Looking for Chinese Tutor In Singapore?

Learning the Chinese language is the most stressful goal for students in Singapore. A professional home Chinese tutor makes the process engaging. LionTuition is one of the best Chinese tuition agencies in Singapore. We can cover different needs, from PSLE, A-Level Chinese, to O-Level.  We have a highly effective team of Chinese MOE-teachers. We are also surrounded by seasoned private Chinese tutors that possess vast experience in different Chinese education jobs. Each has the credentials in teaching Mandarin of all levels, from kindergarten, primary school Chinese, to secondary school Chinese.

What sets LionTuition apart is that our tutors offer a reasonable hourly rate. While students can learn a whole Chinese session, they can avoid unnecessary cost. Everyone can learn the language at an affordable cost.

Benefits of Chinese Tuition Classes in Singapore:

Do you know that the majority of Singaporean population speaks Mandarin? Yes, it is true, that is why it is crucial to learn the language. Well, you can use it on a daily basis. Whether you want to order a bowl of noodles or chat with a taxi driver, you can communicate with them effectively.

Do you have plans to reside in this beautiful Lion City (Singapore) with your family? Then, hiring an experienced Chinese language tutor is your best option. We encourage everyone to work with a specialist to learn basic Chinese tuition lessons. Although you don’t have Chinese examinations to take, knowing the language will help you become more relatable to the locals. There will be no barriers to daily communication.

English is considered the standard medium of communication in Singapore. But one would certainly not appreciate the life in the country without the knowledge about Mandarin. Although it has been decades our Chinese ancestors set their foot, Chinese has remained to be relevant in our daily lives. It will also continue to be useful in the near future without a doubt.

As with English and Tamil, Mandarin is exceptionally profound. Despite a difficult language to learn, Chinese is increasingly important. In fact, it remains a compulsory subject in the country. Children study even harder. Plus, they use Chinese tuition to be proficient.

Why Take Chinese Classes With Us?

At LionTuition, we can provide you with a talented Chinese teacher. Our Chinese tutors in Singapore are flexibly amazing. Aside from the basic lessons, you’ll learn the complex ones. You will become fluent in speaking, write and understand the language. Having the commitment to learn, we can lead you to the right way of mastery and retention.

With our experience in the industry, most of our students take Chinese tuition for their upcoming examinations. For years of service, we have been a part of many success stories. We do not only help our students understand the Chinese language, but we also aid them to apply their learnings to real-life situations. An excellent rating from PSLE and O-Levels will be a dream come true. The chance of having a bright future is higher than you have ever thought.

Affordable Chinese Tuition Rates

 Part Time TutorsFull Time TutorsSchool Teachers/MOE Trained
Lower Primary Chinese Tuition$20-$30$30-$45$50-$60
Upper Primary Chinese Tuition$25-$35$35-$50$55-$70
Secondary School Chinese Tuition$25-$40$35-$50$60-$80
Junior School Chinese Tuition$50-$60$60-$75$90-$120
University Chinese Tuition$60-$70$80-$110-

As the best Chinese tuition agency in Singapore, LionTuition also offers rates that you can afford. Learning the language is not as expensive as you imagine.

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Tutor Request Form

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