FAQ For Tutees

FAQ For Tutees

You can contact us anytime at +65 82004211 to communicate with us through WhatsApp, SMS, Phone Call, or register your request via the Online Enquiry Form.

We are a tuition agency, and we provide private tuition services at your place or tutor’s place according to your schedule.

Lion Tuition assures that all our tutors are certified and experienced professionals. We conduct a rigorous background check for each of our tutors before they can start working with us. This assures that your child will have the best quality lessons.

Lion Tuition’s service is 100% free for you. We deduct the agency commission from the fees paid to the tutors. For example, you need to take note these for the initial payment cycle:

  • The agent fee of Lion Tuition is on the tutor and is 50% of the first month or first set of tutor fees.
  • After the assignment is confirmed (date, time and tuition rate), we will send you an official invoice via email to confirm the details for tuition classes and payments.
  • As per the invoice sent to you, you shall transfer the indicated amount to Lion Tuition directly.
  • Going forward, tutee will pay tutor directly based on tutor’s preferred payment method.

You may opt to choose one of the payment options below:

  • Ibanking
  • ATM bank transfer
  • Cheque
  • PayLah or PayNow

Once we receive the payment, we will send you an official receipt via email. Please ensure to keep track of the receipts for your record.

It is very understandable that some students would prefer certain types of tutors. If you feel that you need to change your tutor, you may directly contact us via email or phone, and we shall arrange for a change of tutor.

Our tutors are categorised base on their experiences and qualifications:

  • PART TIME TUTORS – These tutors are private tutors who are doing part-time teaching. Most of them are still schooling: Undergraduates, Diploma Students or Graduates. This group of tutors is considered to be the most affordable home tuition option in Singapore.
  • FULL-TIME TUTORS – This group of tutors is full-time private tutors who teach different subjects as their profession. Full time tutors often have more teaching experience than part time tutors. The reason is that they take lots of students on a daily basis and some of them even teach at tuition centres, so they have enough knowledge and experience to be a full-time tutor. Therefore, their tuition rates also vary accordingly.
  • SCHOOL TEACHERS – This group of tutors are current or former teachers either from MOE or from international or private schools. School teachers usually charge higher than the other two groups due to their vast experience in private teaching and high qualifications.

We hope this FAQ helped you with what you need. Contact us today at contact@liontuition.com or call us at +65 82004211 to give us some feedback or if you have any other questions in mind.