FAQ For Tutors

FAQ For Tutors

You can visit our website and go to “Be a Tutor” page. Kindly fill up the form to take an opportunity to join Lion Tuition. We shall then send you assignments via WhatsApp/SMS if you are approved to be a part of our team.

The tutor should be at least 16 years old to qualify.

There are no registration fees or hidden costs to sign up as a tutor.

Lion Tuition’s commission is at 50% of the 1st month (1st four weeks) tuition. After this period, you are entitled to earn the full amount for each class.

For the commission, we will directly collect it from the student, and after that you can collect the remaining fees directly from the student.

There might be cases when the tuition may not last for 1 month (4 weeks), in this case, we will revise the commission amount.

This is a service that we help tutors find students and vice versa. Therefore we appreciate your cooperation with Lion Tuition as it enables us to provide you with a consistent flow of assignments often. If you fail to follow the commission rules, we shall remove your portfolio from our database and report you to further authorities.

You can upload your certificates or qualifications in the form under the Be A Tutor page. Make sure that you create an excellent write up of your profile. Reply punctually when a WhatsApp message or an SMS is delivered to you. You can also get great feedback from your past students and get them to email us regarding your excellent performance.

Take note that credibility is what we provide to our students. Absence from the first lesson without any valid reason will cause the students to lose faith in you and us. You need to generate a medical certificate if you are ill and cannot turn up. Or else, we will have to withdraw you from our database.

A confirmation WhatsApp/SMS or email will be delivered with the information for the first lesson. You must get ready for all the materials required for the lesson. Make sure that you bring relevant certificates for the verification procedures. Request for the parent’s or student’s contact number from the parent/student. You need to be punctual too along with appropriate dressing.

There you have it. We hope we helped you with what you need. For more questions, feel free to email us at contact@liontuition.com or feel free to contact us at +65 82004211