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Whether you are struggling to learn or teach your child, LionTuition is surrounded by a team of excellent Hindi tutors in Singapore. We have 1-to-1 private Hindi tutor that can ensure a fun learning experience. We also offer knowledgeable teachers for a range of levels.

The Importance Of Hindi Language In Singapore?

Hindi is a language spoken by a big group of people in Singapore and it is an important second language aside from Chinese and Malay.

Without the skill to communicate Hindi, it leads to barriers. This language can go back in the history as old as 7th centuary A.D. and it is the third most-spoken language in the world, after Mandarin and English.

Besides Tamil, Hindi is another medium used by many people in Singapore. Hindi is a second language taught in Singapore schools.

Why Take Private Hindi Tuition With Us?

Mastering Hindi can be a difficult task. Most of the families prefer to speak English at home and that is the reason you would need a Hindi private tuition in Singapore to let your child learn this language.

Why don’t you enroll in a home Hindi private tuition? As your expert agency, LionTuition has got you covered. From a pool of certified teachers, competitive pricing to an exciting environment, we have 100% successful stories. Our Hindi teachers not only can support every student to write or read, but they can also help your child communicate with competence.

For more information, please feel free to contact LionTuition! We are available 24/7 to handle all your queries and other concerns.

Affordable Hindi Tuition Rates

 Part Time TutorsFull Time TutorsSchool Teachers/MOE Trained
Pre-School Hindi$20-$25$30-$40$50
Lower Primary Hindi$20-$25$35-$40$50-$60
Upper Primary Hindi$25-$35$35-$50$55-$70
Secondary School$25-$40$35-$50$60-$80
Junior School$50-$60$60-$75$90-$120
Adult Hindi$30-$45$50-$60$70

Quality-instruction and competitive price have been associated with our name. From the best Hindi tutors to reasonable fees, we have got you covered! Keep in touch with LionTuition and expect a holistic experience.

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Tutor Request Form

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