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We have a team of professional IP teachers who specialise in teaching aspiring students from different IP schools. Our IP tutors also have a sound knowledge and experience with Integrated Program syllabuses.

We understand that finding the right tutor for your kids’ IP School Syllabus is a difficult task. Fortunately, you do not have to worry since you are already in the right place. With us, your children can improve their skills and intelligence for their tough IP program.

Looking for IP tutors?

Do you need a reliable IP private tuition for the Integrated Program of your child? Then, we can significantly help. As a trusted IP tuition agency in Singapore, we promise to help your child produce positive results for his or her Integrated Program (IP). We have the most dedicated and well-trained tutors who can handle demanding IP syllabus of different schools. Our tuition for IP has an excellent curriculum for the education of your child. IP syllabus comes with a robust set of modules.

Integrated Program home tuition benefits over tuition centres  

To bring out the curiosity and the talents in each student, IP was formed, and it mainly targets the top PSLE students. A lot of parents choose private home IP tuition over going to a centre as their children can stay focused on learning the necessary programmes at home without getting disturbed much. Catholic High School and Nanyang Girls’ High School are one of the schools in Singapore that offer Integrated Programme.

The Integrated Program is essential to help Secondary school students to boost their learning. It leads them to opportunities like going to Junior College and university admissions in Singapore. With this, they can also develop their interests and discover their passion in different fields.

Why take private IP tuition with us?

We are a student-focused IP tuition agency, so you can always expect the best quality of student-tutor matching services for your child’s development. IP may not be suitable for everyone as the syllabus can be hard so we promise that you can only get the best and most competent IP private tutors to meet your child’s education needs.

With our complete tuition for IP students in Singapore, your child can develop skills which he or she can use for future success.

As the leading IP tuition agency in Singapore, we can offer you with complete and efficient IP Tuition lessons. The major subjects are IP Physics Tuition, IP Chemistry Tuition, IP Biology Tuition and IP Maths Tuition. You do not need to worry about your child’s performance in these subjects as we are here to assist you along the way.

Lowest IP Tuition Rates                            

Our IP tuition teachers have sound knowledge, training, and skills in different areas. We promise that your child can receive a quality tutorial in just a very wallet-friendly amount. Quality education is not expensive for us. With us, your child can develop essential skills to excel. Choose our Home Tuition for IP Students in Singapore now!

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Tutor Request Form

Kindly fill up the form below and we will find you a suitable tutor.

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