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As a two-year course, Junior College is a preparation to A-level (GCE Advanced Level) to get ready for entering into university. This test is one of the toughest exams in Singapore’s school system. Such a two-year study may seem enough for some. But it is not sufficient and can be hard for a lot of Singaporeans students; hence LionTuition was established to give you a hand on this journey.

In 1965 Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yewhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Kuan_Yew made junior college system public and termed it as “super secondary boarding school” as it is a bridge to university level. Junior College lasts for two years. For many people, it may be a natural process. Unfortunately, it is not that stress-free. Most students in Singapore face extreme pressure. Passing or failing the Alevel path leads to one destination. You can either make it to a university or end up nowhere. It is scary, isn’t it?

Compared to those who will graduate with a diploma, A-level holders have limited choices when it comes to employment opportunities. Junior College students who do not reach the passing rate have a lower chance of a good career in the future. However, it is never too late. Counting on a Junior Colleg tutor is the brightest decision you can make.

Why Take Private JC Tuition With Us?

Of course, you’re on the lookout for Singapore Junior College tuition. Prepare yourself with lots of options. The burden will not be a dilemma at all. You have come to the right place. As a reputable home tuition agency in Singapore, LionTuition offers personalised and affordable solutions. We can find out what your children need. We can also provide the best private JC teachers, increasing their chance of passing any subject.

Whether you are seeking for the short-term or long-term course, we have seasoned tutors for you. They are always ready to offer fun and relevant service for different subjects. Our pool of JC teachers can help you with sciences, humanities, and math at an affordable cost. So, why would you waste the opportunity to pass A-level? Call us for assistance!

Junior College Home Tuition Benefits Over Tuition Centers

There are a variety of options when it comes to JC tuition in Singapore, including centers and private tuition agencies. Choosing which one to go for your child comes down to your preference in the end.

If you choose a tuition centre for your child, that means either you or your child has to travel to the centre, which can be time-consuming and distracting. But the advantages of a private home JC tuition over this can be time-saving, efficient and cheaper.

One of our dedicated tutors can cater to your schedule and travel to your home for your child’s convenience. This not only saves your time, but it also eliminates other hassles.

Do you want your child to go to one of Singapore’s top junior colleges? If yes, then do not hesistate to contact us to let your child start his/hers first JC home class.

Lowest JC Tuition Rates

Fees are hourly ratesPart Time TutorFull Time TutorSchool Teacher/MOE Tutor
JC Tuition Fees$50-$65$60-$80$90-$120

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