Looking for Malay Tutor?

Give Malay tuition centers a miss if you are looking for affordable Malay tuition in Singapore. Let a committed Malay tutor help your child learn all the basics better!

Some parents teach their children how to write and read the Malay language. Well, it is good, because it is money-saving. But it is not that easy. You may struggle to teach your kids.

Today, Singapore has four official languages, and one of those is Malay. However, the widely spoken language is English. It is used almost anywhere. That is why most students overlook the utmost importance of learning their mother tongue. This is especially true in English speaking homes.

Despite that, some students try to master the language. Just like Mandarin and English, learning this language can be a headache. But good results really pay off.

Instead of teaching your kids to be proficient in Malay language, LionTuition is an expert to trust. We are surrounded by the best Malay tutors for primary, secondary, and junior college.

Why Enroll in Malay Tuition in Singapore?

Of course, you know that Malay is the national language of Singapore plus it is spoken by more than 260 million people around the world. Other countries such as Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia also speak the same language.

So, why learn the language? The knowledge gives you the opportunity to communicate without a barrier. You can also have an excellent command of the language. Whenever you sail beyond your borders, you can talk to other people with the peace of mind.

Private Malay tuition in Singapore is useful in many ways. Enough knowledge gives everyone the opportunity to communicate without a language barrier. Research has shown that children learn the mother tongue better than adults. So teaching your kids to speak the Malay language plays a vital role in preserving the mother tongue.

Every culture is unique and the same goes for The Malay culture. So being able to speak the language of your culture is an advantage and hiring a Malay tuition agency will not only teach the language, but it will also give every learner the chance to take a glimpse of the culture.

Learning to speak this language is even great for your business purposes or even for your child to communicate with the people around him/her in Singapore.

Find the Best Malay Tutors in Singapore

Let us accept the fact that school teachers cannot handle a classroom of multiple students and yet give each and every student the attention that they need. Because of that, Malay tuition agency becomes the number one priority for people of different needs. With the variety of options, finding an expereinced Malay tutor can be a headache. But, as long as you choose the one that can teach the language and adapt to your timetable, you are on the right track.

It can be tough to find the best home Malay tutor for your child as it takes a lot of your time to search for the suitable Malay teacher, hence we at LionTuition make that process as easy as possible for you.

Cheap Malay Tuition Rates

 Part Time TutorsFull Time TutorsSchool Teachers/MOE Trained
Pre-School Malay$20-$25$30-$40$50
Lower Primary Malay$20-$25$35-$40$50-$60
Upper Primary Malay$25-$35$35-$50$55-$75
Secondary School$25-$40$35-$50$60-$80
Junior School$50-$60$60-$75$90-$120
Adult Malay$30-$45$50-$60$70

With the demand from domestic and international students, some Malay tuition offers costly expenses. Do not worry! LionTuition comes to the rescue. Our rates are reliable and fair. It is not expensive. Our tutors teach with competitive prices for all.

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Tutor Request Form

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