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Singapore is famous for its rigorous educational system. It is no wonder why it is one of the countries with extended education. Usually, students start preschool at the age of 3, where most children get their first taste of a demanding education journey.

Of course, all parents want to give their children a fun and a great start. Well, a great foundation will help them stay on the right track. A good understanding of the primary subjects, including English, science, and math play a crucial role in identifying their learning progress.

So, which is better between a home private tuition and a tuition center? Some may enroll their kids in a center and others may consider a private tutor. What is your best option?

Hiring a preschool tuition is the wisest decision you can make. Our tutors give every child 100% attention, conducive learning environment, and a competitive edge. Most importantly, kids will develop a good learning habit at a young age. Their interest towards studies will strengthen as years pass by.

However, the high demand for preschool tuition results in the growing number of options. So, choosing the right private preschool tutor can be a headache. At LionTuition, all the hassles would turn to a comfortable experience. We believe that preschool tuition is imperative, that is why we only offer the best preschool tutors in Singapore. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge in teaching preschoolers. They are trained to facilitate children between 3 to 6.

Why is Preschool education Important?

Obviously, preschool is the continuation of the beginning of a strong foundation. Aside from that, preschool provides other benefits to kids. It helps them develop physically. They enhance gross motor skills such as running, walking, and coordination.

They acquire other social, emotional, and cognitive skills. They learn to socialize with their peers, explore emotions, and strengthen their mental faculties. So, this requires the assistance of the best preschool tutors in Singapore. The professional of your choice should possess all the skills to facilitate different children effectively.

Why Take Private Preschool With Us?

LionTuition, a reputed and dedicated tuition agency, is the expert to trust for your kids’ preschool tuition needs. We have the best teachers, the highest quality services and affordable fees.

Affordable Preschool Tuition Rates

Fees are hourly ratesPart Time TutorFull Time TutorSchool Teacher/MOE Tutor

Building a strong foundation for kids does not need to be expensive. At LionTuition, we offer a reasonable tuition fee for preschool that everyone can significantly afford. Despite the fair costs, we do not compromise a quality and interactive instruction. Our preschool tuition teachers offer affordable and fun teaching.

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